Kamaboko Dip for Pupu

Local-style kamaboko dip recipe for your next pupu party

By Cara Fasone

Although I love eating what my family calls "haole pupus," like deviled eggs and cheese boards,  I also love sharing local-style pupus with my mainland friends. My good friends, the Fleytas-Hernandez ohana, love my kamaboko dip, they request it at our get-togethers. It is my favorite Hawaiian pupu recipe to pass along because it is ono and easy!

Kamaboko dip is a crowd pleaser
Photo by Cara Fasone

The main ingredient, kamaboko or Japanese steamed fishcake, is not familiar to many mainlanders, but most Hawaiian locals eat it in their saimin. You can get the pink, spongy, fishcake at almost all supermarkets in Hawaii and most Asian grocery stores on the mainland. 

This is how you will find kamaboko at the grocery
Photo by Cara Fasone

Whether you are making pupus for game day or movie night, kamaboko dip is a tasty appetizer you can make with just a few ingredients.


 -          1 block kamaboko

-          1 – 8 oz block of cream cheese (softened)

-          ¼ cup of Best Food mayonnaise (do not use another brand and then ask me why yours tastes different)

-          ½ cup chopped green (spring) onion

-       Salt and pepper to taste

Kamaboko, cream cheese and mayonnaise, thats it!
Photo by Cara Fasone


 -         Chop stalks of green onion

-          Slice kamaboko into tiny pieces

-          Mix softened cream cheese and mayonnaise together

-          Add in chopped green onion and kamaboko

-          Add a dash of salt and pepper and mix

-      Serve with Ritz Crackers

What is your favorite Hawaiian pupu?

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