Local Kine Grindz
(Hawaiian Food)

By Cara Fasone

Local Kine Grindz is the Hawaiian-style regional cuisine made up of flavors borrowed from our mixed-plate population. When agricultural workers from around the world came to the islands during Hawaii’s plantation era, they brought with them their recipes for their favorite dishes.

The combination of cultures and flavors not only created “broke da mouth” cuisine, but also fostered a community, which still thrives today.

Before it was cool to be a foodie, I was a fat kid. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have a Zip Pac bento for my field trip lunch or to get to choose my favorite tempura and cone sushi at the local okazuya. I love Hawaiian food; from indigenous cuisine like Lau Lau and Poi, to the only in Hawaii dishes that were created during the plantation days, including Saimin, Spam Musubi, and the Plate Lunch.

The Local Kine Grindz section features Hawaiian food stories, adventures and recipes. 

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