Only in Hawaii Fast-food Snacks

The coolest Hawaii regional specialties from national chains

By Cara Fasone

Although Hawaii has the best locally owned, hole-in-the-wall snack shops, the 50th state also has the coolest regional specialties at national chains we all love. Whether it is a Coconut Latte with “Thai walls” at Starbucks or a Spam breakfast platter at McDonald’s, the island-inspired, only in Hawaii specialties are fun, must-trys.

“Thai Walls” at Starbucks

I love Vietnamese and Thai iced coffee; the sweetness of the condensed milk mixed with the bitter coffee is the perfect combo.  At Starbucks in Hawaii you can get any drink with “Thai walls,” meaning they line the cup with condensed milk for a sweet and creamy kick.

Starbucks in Hawaii also serves coconut syrup drinks like the Coconut Mocha Frappe, a coconut and chocolate blended drink. My go-to order is the Iced Coconut Latte with Thai Walls, it’s like a Hawaiian vacation in a cup.

Your barista will be confused if you try to order this on the mainland
Photo by Cara Fasone

Only in Hawaii McDonald’s Menu

I can watch every documentary about McDonald’s and it will not stop me from getting a McDonald’s Local Deluxe Breakfast Platter when I’m in the islands. Spam, Portuguese Sausage, eggs and rice is worth waking up before 10:30 AM for; don’t forget to ask for a shoyu (soy sauce) packet for the rice!

McDonald's Saimin Saves the Day

McDonald’s saimin and a Happy Meal was my dentist appointment reward as a kid. The noodle soup topped with slices of egg, nori, char siu (Chinese barbequed pork) and kamaboko (fish cake) was the only way I'd agree to having my teeth drilled. 

Only in Hawaii is Saimin on the McDonald's menu
Photo by Cara Fasone

Not only did McDonald's saimin brighten my day as a keiki, it also saved my dog. I remember when Pee-tee had the Parvo virus and could not hold down solid foods, we gave him McDonald’s saimin broth and he magically came back to life. He lived another 10 happy years!

McDonald’s Hawaii also serves teriyaki burgers and haupia (coconut cream) and taro pies. 

Spam Musubi’s at 7-11

No array of taquitos at the 7-11 in Hawaii, but what they do have is Hawaii’s best Spam musubi as voted by Hawaii locals. Only in Hawaii does 7-11 serve a variety of bentos, pork hash (dumplings), and manapua (pork buns).

My very first meal of the New Year was a Spam katsu musubi; when everything else is closed, you can count on local kine grindz at Hawaii 7-11!

Spam Musubi at any time of day
Photo by Cara Fasone

Still on my only in Hawaii, fast-food bucket list is Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza and Taco Bell’s Kalua Pork menu items. Sounds ono!

What are your favorite Hawaii fast-food snacks?

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