Spam Eggs Rice:  a Hawaiian-style Breakfast

A Spam eggs breakfast may not be fancy, but it's tradition in the islands 

By M. Keala Milles, Jr.

On days when I’m really missing Hawaii, I crave a Spam eggs breakfast. To most mainlanders, this may not sound like a delicious start to the day but there is something about a slightly browned and crispy-skinned slice of Spam with a pair of over-easy eggs and leftover jasmine rice that evokes pleasant memories of my youth. 

Spam eggs rice, so simple, so good!
Photo by M. Keala Milles, Jr.

Part of the attraction is that the day old rice reminds me of all the Hawaiian classics it could accompany:  beef stew, shoyu chicken, and my dad’s Sweet and Sour Spareribs (my dad’s Hawaiian recipes are da best!)  But first thing in the morning I‘m not ready to play Iron Chef, instead I go for the easy and delicious, Spam and eggs.

The key ingredient is perfectly fried Spam
Photo by M. Keala Milles, Jr.

The Breakfast of Champions

Living in San Diego, a Spam eggs breakfast feels just a little out of place.  First off, this breakfast-in-a-can like many other local favorites, is probably a little too lacking-in-chloroplasts for the SoCal crowd.  And yes, I know that anything and eggs is not really a specialty; but I choose traditional over trendy and sometimes (not all the time) comfort over healthy.  

Secondly, frying Spam in a rustic cast-iron frying pan in a San Diego kitchen is not the same as it is in Waianae.  Waking up on the Leeward coast of Oahu dozens of warbling mynah birds greet your groggy stirring.  Cooking breakfast in the morning with this symphony of squawking over the sizzle of a salty slab just feels like home to me.

Got to get a little Spam eggs and rice all together in your bite.
Photo by M. Keala Milles, Jr. 

Simple Moments

These are the simple moments I am thankful to have as a former resident of Hawaii and I feel lucky to still have family there to visit.

Whether on the mainland or back in Hawaii, Spam and eggs hits the spot!  Although it’s not fancy, waking up with a Spam eggs breakfast in Waianae is a fond memory of my Hawaiian experience.

For foodies looking for an authentic Hawaiian breakfast, Spam and eggs over rice.  Hands down.

How do you  make your Spam and Eggs?

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